Frequently Asked Questions

Are Georgian Bay Boards and Classic Charcuterie boards safe for serving food?

Yes! All of our classic and Georgian Bay Boards are 100% food safe. Many people use their serving pieces for display when they're not in use.

How do I care for my new artisan piece?

Great question! If you take care of your new piece, it will last for generations. Care instructions for all our artisan pieces can be found on our Care Instructions page

Where can I purchase one of your pieces?

Thank you so much for your support! You can visit the Products page of our online store, make an appointment to visit our studio in Stayner, Ontario or visit one of our amazing retailers. A list of our retailers can be be found on our Retailers page

What is your tree planting initiative all about?

We purchase Blue Spruce tree saplings every fall for our own tree planting initiative of planting one tree for every piece we sell. We used to plant all the tree saplings ourselves on local properties, but since our volume has increased that has become quite cumbersome for us. Last fall, we expanded our initiatives to involve surrounding cities and communities. Each fall when our tree saplings arrive, we distribute them to our customers, retailers, local schools and other community organizations to be planted by those families, organizations and individuals who wish to help us contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet. The saplings are paid for by Backwood Design Co. and we distribute them for free.

Where did you learn your craft?

Our owner, Lindsay, is a self-taught wood worker and mixed media artist. Her techniques are innovative and were learned through years of development and experimentation

How can I learn epoxy art? Do you host workshops?

Not yet! However, this is something we would love to be able to offer in the future. Be sure to subscribe to our email list for all the exciting updates and news! (Located in website footer)

Where do you get the wood to make your pieces?

We work with several small local businesses that specialize in falling and milling hazardous and diseased or damaged trees.They also mill trees that have fallen during severe storms. Occasionally, business or home owners will offer us free trees that have fallen during a storm or for hazard/obstruction by their utility company. 95% of the total wood we used is salvaged. We are also a proud member of the Ontario Wood program.

How much are Georgian Bay Boards?

Each piece is made to be unique and they’re all priced individually. The price is dependant on size, wood species & characteristics. Prices are also dependant on the specifications of the epoxy art, including coverage amount and number of layers.Some of the species we use such as spalted maple or softwood species (blue pine & poplar) require several coats of epoxy to seal coat the wood before the artwork even begins. These pieces are generally more expensive than a hardwood piece of the same size. Wood species such as black walnut, elm, butternut and spalted maple are considered premium wood species and are more expensive compared to similar sizes pieces of another wood species. The price range is typically $75-450 for the pieces that are usually released to the website. We also offer custom pieces- there is a $250 minimum for custom & commissioned pieces.

The piece I wanted is already sold, how will I know when there'll be more?

Keep in mind that each piece is made unique and that means that no two are ever the same! If you're looking for something specific, I recommend contacting us for a custom order ($250 min.) We will send out email updates and post to Instagram and Facebook for each new release! Make sure you're following us on social media @backwooddesignco and subscribe to our email list for updates (in the footer of website).

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